Android Australia Version History

Inspired by The Verge, we’ve decided to keep an ongoing documentation of the Android Australia website version history.

Before I say anything, I want you to know: This site isn’t made for Internet Explorer. Sure, it will work in at least IE8 (from testing), but please don’t complain or make us feel bad if it isn’t working in your Internet Explorer! If you’re at work and forced to use the old browser, I’m really sorry – Go on your phone or wait until you get home. If you have it by choice – really? Time to upgrade!

Now, let’s start from the very beginning.

VERSION 1.2.9 – JULY 26, 2012
  • As always, speed has been improved.
  • Comment area redesigned and modified.


VERSION 1.2.8 – JULY 19, 2012
  • Redesign of home page & featured/latest articles area.
  • Speed drastically improved, on both desktop and mobile devices.


VERSION 1.2.6 – JULY 07, 2012
  • Social Media buttons/sharing redone & redesigned.
  • Author box bug fixed and improved.
  • Further improvement to site’s loading time.


VERSION 1.2.5 – JULY 06, 2012
  • Completely re-designed header and sidebar.
  • Additions/changes made to footer.
  • Core of site improved to help speed-up site.


VERSION 1.2.0 – JULY 02, 2012


VERSION 1.1.0 – JUNE 17, 2012
  • Facebook ‘like’ button added to top User Bar.
  • New slim header & logo design.
  • Further optimization to responsive design for mobiles.
  • Search Bar ‘Menu’ bug fixed.


VERSION 1.0.6 – JUNE 14, 2012
  • Twitter ‘Follow’ button added to top User Bar.
  • Article font-size increased.


VERSION 1.0.4 – JUNE 11, 2012


VERSION 1.0.0 – JUNE 07, 2012
  • Unleashed on Australia and the world.
  • Massive speed/optimization/security/seo/etc. improvements.


VERSION 0.9.5 – JUNE 06, 2012
  • Keyboard navigation between pages and posts.
  • Facebook Integration into Android Australia system, allowing users to log-in, register and connect their accounts via their Facebook accounts. – A Little Experimental so at times may not work.


VERSION 0.9.2 – JUNE 05, 2012
  • AJAX Commenting introduced.
  • Introduction of improved tagging system and placement of most popular tags on Home Page below Header.
  • New Mailing List for readers.
  • Improved Pagination!


VERSION 0.9.0 – JUNE 04, 2012
  • Advanced user-functionality added, with users given the ability to edit their profiles in depth and control how they appear while commenting.
  • Ability to subscribe to comments introduced, with an accompanying comment-subscription management UI.
  • Contribute page further developed, now allowing any registered user to write and submit a post for Android Australia directly within the front-end UI.
  • Early development stages of a point/ranking-system integration –> This will be introduced midway through VERSION 1.


VERSION 0.8.0 – JUNE 03, 2012
  • First stage development finished.
  • Core site redesigned from the ground-up.