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Review: OPPO R9

oppo r9

Never have I ever had more people perplexed by what phone I’ve been using these past couple of weeks. OPPO R9 is one of the manufacturer’s boldest moves ever, and it’s bound to leave more than a few on the fence as to how they feel about it.

It’s a brilliant example of quality design and finish for not that much dough, but as is often the norm with heavily skinned Android smartphones, the software remains an area of improvement.

With all that said, let’s find out whether OPPO’s latest mid-range flagship stands up to its upmarket look.


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OPPO lands national retail partnership with JB Hi-Fi and confirm OPPO R9 for May 9 launch

In a move that sees it further solidify its place in the Australian market, OPPO has announced its latest national partnership with JB Hi-Fi, as well as news of the OPPO R9 launch.