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Motorola Australia launches Moto Z and Moto Z Play with Moto Mods


Motorola’s first line of modular smartphones, the Moto Z and Moto Z Play are here, and they’re set to shake-up the local smartphone scene, that is if you happen to purchase your phones outright.


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Moto 360 launching in Australia on October 31st

Motorola has this afternoon sent out a very welcome press release. Ever since Android Wear was announced us Android fan(atic)s have been foaming from the mouth to get our hands on the circular glory that is the 360.

We’ve seen the Samsung Gear Live and the LG G Watch launch locally, but have been left waiting for the Moto 360. At it’s physical press event, Motorola promised we’d see the 360 in late October and it appears they’ve stayed true to their word.

The Moto 360 is launching on October 31st and will retail for AU $359. It will also be launching in New Zealand on the same day for NZ $395. Moto is launching two variants, the ...

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Updated: Motorola announces the Moto E, a smartphone to take on the feature phone

Last night Motorola announced their latest contender in the low-end market, the Moto E. Today, we have news of local availability and pricing following a briefing with Motorola Australia.

When Motorola introduced the Moto G as an exceptional phone at an exceptional price — to paraphrase Motorola — many opened their hearts and wallets for it. Motorola has since shared the device is their best selling smartphone in the company’s history, best selling in Brazil and on Amazon US, UK, ES, DE and FR. In our review , we were astounded Motorola was capable of shaking up the budget market in such the way it had, the Moto G was near faultless, particularly for the price it fetched.

Moto E ...

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Review: Motorola Moto G

Towards the end of 2013, Motorola was making strides with the launch of their handset targeted for the masses — Moto G.

For the last couple months, fans of Android have sat by while the Americas and the UK got their hands on this cut-price prizefighter. But the wait is over, and as promised, Motorola have now sought to extend the Moto G’s global presence, including our shores.

Your antsy blogger here actually couldn’t wait that long however, and went through a painstaking task of importing one, amidst the fluctuating exchange rate with the US dollar. Still, it wasn’t as pricey as some of our local importers’ listings.

So is the Moto G as good as the resounding number of ...

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Motorola Moto G – Making its Presence Known in Aus Stores from Today

Motorola are back, and they’re taking on the budget market in a big way with the Moto G, a device which has started showing online from The Good Guys and in stores at JB-Hi-Fi from today.

Motorola have been out of the game over here for some time now — in fact, their last handset line of RAZRs (comprising the RAZR HD and RAZR M), were launched here in September of 2012.  Since then, Google’s acquisition of Motorola was finalised, and all inherited Motorola-bred devices were cleared from the pipeline.

A lot has changed in the mobile space too, but what hadn’t was the desirability of budget, affordable handsets. For those unaware, the Moto G has changed that — offering ...

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Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside talks about Motorola and the Moto X

Were you thrilled or disappointed with the unveiling of the Moto X?

Regardless of whether you decided to wait for the successor to the Nexus 4, book a flight to the USA to pick one up, or wait with great anticipation for Motorola’s Australian plans, Dennis Woodside recently spoke to All Things D to discuss Motorola and the Moto X.

We spent last year retooling the company… to put it in a position to build the Moto X

It’s not just the first device we’ve built. It shows the direction we want to take the company

As you’ve seen in our post, the Moto X is very different to previous Motorola smartphones and shows Motorola’s Google ...

Motorola 4 years ago | | 2 Comments
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Moto X has “exciting plans for all regions” but no launch plans yet for Australia

We’ve reached out to Motorola Australia to try and get any information about the Moto X and its possible availability in the land down under. While we weren’t expecting much beyond the usual PR talk for an unannounced phone, we received the following:

As our CEO Dennis Woodside said Moto X is just the first device in a new portfolio of products that show the best of Motorola as a Google company. We have exciting plans for all regions, although we can’t reveal specifics right now, this is just the start.

So, there really isn’t too much to work on for the time being. However, Motorola have promised “exciting plans for all regions” (bold added by us) suggesting that ...

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The Motorola X makes its much anticipated debut!

After months of speculation, rumours and dreaming, the time finally arrived for the announcement of the much hyped Moto X – the new smartphone from Motorola believed to have been influenced by its new parent company Google.

The Moto X’s photos show us a phone that, given Nexus device trends of late, seems to have Google design cues in it.  Gone are the hard angles of the Razr series and instead we get a minimalistic design with no hard buttons on the screen, a curved back which should make it comfortable to hold, a simple “M” on the back for branding, and an edge-to-edge on the sides display seen before on the more recent Razr models.

As can be expected, ...

Motorola 4 years ago | | 2 Comments
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Motorola X details delivered via leaked video by Rogers

Canadian telecommunications giant, Rogers, has let the cat out of the bag on what appears to be the first solid piece of information surrounding the highly anticipated Motorola X amidst a plethora of Internet rumors and opinion pieces.

The information comes as part of a demonstration video, that details an array of features like always on voice commands, a new notifications system called ‘Active Updates’ and camera improvements that introduce a new ‘burst’ mode. Check out the preview of these new features. Edit: Video has been removed due to copyright issues.


Sadly, the only things that this video confirms is some of the device’s features and it’s availability in Canada, which doesn’t mean a great deal for those of


Motorola calling out Apple in a new batch of ads, customisable Moto X on the way?

Have you been noticing a change in Apple’s ad campaigns? Perhaps you’ve been subjected to their excruciatingly long ads reminding you of their “signature” and why their products are so popular, ending on one important note “Designed by Apple in California.”

It’s a tagline the Cupertino company has been flogging for years (and only recently has become their company slogan), and more often than not, the “Assembled in China” line which follows is something they try to avoid making known.

Well the Google-owned Motorola aren’t going to let Apple get away with this any more, as their latest ad for the Moto X – though not directly mentioning their rival, makes a clear effort to slam them with their phrase ...

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Is this the Moto X Phone? Alleged photo leaked

It seems like we’ve been talking for quite some time about the confirmed Moto X or X-Phone, but now there seems to be the most concrete leak of what that phone may look like.

Phone Arena has come across an alleged photo of the device which looks like a decent and somewhat stylish phone, possibly falls short of at least my high hopes (maybe I’ve been watching too much Iron Man).  That aside, this is for now just a leak so it’s possible the phone could look different when it hits the market late in our late Winter.

Spec wise, the Moto X doesn’t sound like it’s going to wow anyone – at least on paper.  It’s rumoured to ...

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Moto X confirmed. Now what should we expect?

Google I/O has come and gone and we didn’t get to see any new Android devices. No refreshed Nexus, and no mysterious Motorola X-Phone many of us were salivating over. Not to take away from the excitement of the many treats Google announced that day including the new hangouts that I’m using and enjoying immensely.

A few weeks on, and Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside and Regina Dugan have treated us to some good news to whet our appetites. According to Dennis Woodside, who spoke at D11, Motorola has a new phone for us called the Moto X coming in October and incidentally one of which he had in his pocket which he couldn’t show. However, according to Motorola’s media centre...

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