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Huawei P9 to launch on Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile in July

Huawei has managed for the first time to score a space with all major Australian carriers for the launch of their flagship Huawei P9, expected early July.


Huawei Ascend P6 Announced, July 15 Release set

Yesterday we were provided the opportunity to meet with representatives of Huawei, who announced their “impossibly thin” 6.18mm Ascend P6 in Australia. WIth the P-Series being the brand’s ‘design’ tier in their strategy, the term “style over substance” immediately springs to mind – but Huawei wanted also to add some fight behind the Ascend P6’s elegant façade.

The Ascend P6 enters the market directly targeting the likes of Apple and Samsung, with a premium look and feel – thanks to its aluminium finish and a metal banding around all sides (except the bottom, where it curves), akin to the iPhone then in a few aspects.

The likeness doesn’t end there, Huawei’s proprietary UI, Emotion UI was birthed out of an ...

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Huawei Australia revenue grew 61% YOY in 2012 to $368 million

As it turns out, 2012 was Huawei Australia’s most successful year revenue-wise to date. The Chinese OEM, who makes many portable WiFi hotspots and dongles for Australian carriers, is also a big player in the Android game.

Huawei Australia found itself a 61% year-on-year for revenue growth and 100% revenue growth in in the Carrier Business Growth.

Huawei Australia CFO Luke Austin said:

Huawei’s financial performance in 2012 is a reflection of the company’s growth in the Australian market – we’re now working with all major Australian operators and employ over 700 staff in Australia, 85% of which are locals … Huawei continued to push our localisation strategy during the year, with global CEO Mr Ren Zhengfei attending an Australian