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YouTube Red and YouTube Music launches in Australia

The long awaited ad-free premium paid YouTube subscription service, YouTube Red has today launched in Australia,  and if you’re living the Google-centric life, there’s a whole lot to gain from signing up.


Google Play Music bridges the gap to Sonos, brings native streaming support

Do you use Sonos or Google Play Music? Now you can use them together!

Up until now, the Sonos music streaming service has not included Google Play Music. Most of the other big names in music streaming have been available for use through the popular speaker for a while. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, Google Play Music hasn’t been fortunate enough to make the cut. Until now that is.

Today Google and Sonos have announced that the Sonos app is being updated to allow Google Play Music to be streamed to the Sonos speakers from directly within the Sonos application.

However, that’s not all. For the first time ever Sonos is allowing a third party application to stream directly ...

Google Play Music update brings offline radio caching and much more

Google are issuing a major update to their Play Music app (v.5.4), and with it comes some notable changes.

As the update hits users in its staged roll-out, users can expect a slew of new features, including most prominently, a Keep on Device option for radio stations. The option, which was previously only available for albums and songs now gives users the ability to cache radio station playlists for offline playback — handy for those restricted by their monthly mobile data allowance. The Playing From panel which sits at the top of playlists and albums also remains in place, instead of rolling as you scroll down a list, and it also adds the function to reshuffle the radio station you’re ...

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Google Play Music All Access hits Australia and New Zealand

After its solo release in the U.S. following Google’s I/O event just over two months ago, we’re now officially being granted the release of Google’s Play Music All Access subscription music service over here.

Let’s not forget that it was at Google’s I/O event, where we saw a complete overhaul of the then tired interface that was – the Play Music app. Along with changes to the design however, we saw an additional service added that was dubbed ‘All Access’, and allowed the unlimited streaming of millions of songs, along with the generation of playlists tailor-made to suit a particular artist, album or song – all which can be rearranged or edited at the users’ discretion.

The price? From now ...

Google announces Google Play Music ‘All Access’ – a Googley music streaming service

Google has opted to take on music streaming services like Spotify, RDIO, MOG and others with a streaming service of Google Play as the second generation of the service. It is now no longer an online music locker and store, but also a streaming service.

The service is able to stream songs and create somewhat of a ‘radio station’ based on a certain song that you are currently listening to. I’d assume that it also takes cues from other recommendations and music you currently listen to. It is, supposedly, a radio without rules.

A service called ‘Explore’ also provides a new ‘guided’ way to browse millions of tracks and personalised recommendations.

Google ‘Listen Now’ uses the power of Google to ...

[Update: Not any more!] Google Play Music and Movies arriving in Australia for Google TV owners on November 13th

Update: Google has just essentially rescinded the statement about Google Play Music coming to Google TVs in Australia. The Google+ page has had the original post deleted and replaced with a new one. Here’s what it unfortunately had to say:

Now playing in a country near you (for real this time)

Starting November 13th, +Google Play music and movies will now be available on your #GoogleTV in the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

We’re sorry for an earlier post that said we’re launching in more countries on 11/13, but stay tuned as we’re bringing Google Play to more countries all the time.

Play on friends.

So, don’t get too excited just yet. The statement has been changed and ...

Google Play Music coming soon to Australia?

Launched on the 16th of November 2011, Google released what is now known as Google Play Music. This service was Google’s attempt at taking some of Apple’s market share in the music distribution service.

Apple has dominated this market for too long and Google is ready to start chipping away at this dominance. The cloud based Music service still only has contracts with three of the four major labels; Universal Music Group, EMI and Sony Music Entertainment. Google remains strong in the battle though, integrating the service with their social network, Google Plus.

Since the launch, the Google Play Music service has only been available for those residing in America, or use an American Proxy to sign up, which ...