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YouTube Red and YouTube Music launches in Australia

The long awaited ad-free premium paid YouTube subscription service, YouTube Red has today launched in Australia,  and if you’re living the Google-centric life, there’s a whole lot to gain from signing up.


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Link Bubble hits the Google Play Store, cuts down time spent waiting for redirects

Australian developer Chris Lacy — behind such works as TweetLanes and Action Launcher, has released his latest app Link Bubble, and it’s one he’s more proud of than anything he’s ever done in his career.

When Link Bubble was first announced almost two weeks ago in the aforementioned link, Chris pointed out that it was a response to the overall “bad user experience” users were being subjected to as they were accessing links from apps, which then redirect to a browser, or a desired app default. While Link Bubble was delayed in the time since then (as the developer rightly chose to apply for a patent to protect his hard work), it’s now seen its official release — and it ...

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Google updates Drive, Chrome, Earth, Play Magazines for Android

Google has gone on just a little bit of an updating spree today. Google Chrome, Google Drive and Google Earth have all gotten themselves a very nice update today, bringing in new features and some new card-inspired design.

Google Chrome now has support for full-screen browsing, with the omnibox disappearing as you swipe down a webpage and reappearing when you do the opposite. Head over to Google Play to grab the Google Chrome update.

Google Drive has a completely new look and design, an absolutely fantastic ‘tab’ view and the ability to scan pages with your camera. The editing experience has also been vastly improved and you can finally Cloud Print directly from your Android device. Head over to ...

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You can review Movies, Music, Magazines and Books on Google Play without purchasing them

We’ve been playing around with the Google Play Store and have stumbled upon something just a little interesting. It appears that unlike with applications – where you must download them before reviewing – you are actually able to review any song, movie, magazine or book before you purchase it. I’d have to assume the same goes for Google Play TV Shows but we’re yet to access the selection down under.

We first discovered this via +Linden Darling, who reviewed an album on Google Play Music without actually purchasing it. I went ahead and tried the same to find that it could easily be done, leaving the door open in Google’s content distribution stores open for anyone to review any ...

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Google Play has 48 billion app downloads

Google’s application and content distribution network called Google Play has almost reached the elusive 50 billion app download level. Google has today announced that the Play Store has hit 48 billion downloads.

Hugo Barra, Google’s Android Product Manager also said:

Revenue per user is … two and a half times what it used to be a year ago globally.

Paid out more money to Android developers on Google Play than all of last year.

With the latest redesign of the Google Play Store app on Android, I’m sure Android app downloads on Play have skyrocketed and we’ll be seeing these numbers climb higher and higher.


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Amazon App Store launching in Australia in the next few months among 199 other countries

Amazon has today announced that the Amazon App Store will finally be hitting our shores. App submissions for the Australian and 199 other markets are now finally open, with the App Store due to launch in the coming couple of months.

This means that we will soon (hopefully) be subject to the free app of the day that Amazon offers. Besides for this, the Amazon App Store is very similar to the Google Play Store, in that it simply files and categorises .apk files for our consumption on Android devices.. However, it is done in Amazon’s own taste and within Amazon’s design guidelines.

What’s more is that the Amazon App Store’s primary function is not actually to distribute apps on ...

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You can now purchase Google Play content through your Telstra bill

Got an Android? On the Telstra network? You can now purchase Android apps from the Google Play store via billing yourself through your Telstra bill – pretty nifty aye.

All you need to do is switching your preferred billing method from your normal account to ‘Bill My Telstra Account.’ It will then authenticate itself, ask for your address and you’ll be able to bill your account for purchases.

This ability is a great positive of Google Play and is a huge step forward for both Telstra and Google moving into the future of Android.

But, what’s better? Telstra and Google are teaming up to offer 11 apps at 50% off:

  • HD Widgets
  • Swiftkey 3
  • Soundhound Infinity
  • Paper Camera
  • Smart Tools

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Microsoft Office to be unleashed for Android in early 2013?

Many of us love Google Drive and many of us love Microsoft Office (and the few other offerings). However, up to this date there just hasn’t been an Android application for lovers of Microsoft Office’s powerful tools. SkyDrive is out and lets you access some of the features, but a Mobile Office app would just bring so much more to the table.

Well, it appears as though the app may in fact be coming to Android in early 2013. The Verge has done some solid ground work and are hearing from multiple sources that the app could be available for iOS and Android as early as the beginning of next year. The images below are of the iOS app, but ...

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Consumer Affairs Advisory Council looking into ‘bad’ smartphone apps

According to the Daily Telegraph it appears that the Commonwealth’s Consumer Affairs Advisory Council is investigating smartphone applications. They’re particularly focusing on how applications could be providing users with false benefits and hidden charges.

While we all know very well that applications often have strange aspects to them, it was expected that we’d be seeing such an investigation any time soon. We’re not sure if the CAACC is looking into Android apps specifically, but we’d assume that the general ‘smartphone’ tag relates to Android.

Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury is apparently urging the public to “name and shame” app vendors who are culprits.

Mr Bradbury said:

While consumers are using mobile devices and apps to help them shop and access services,


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Google says that the Play Store has hit about 700,000 apps

The onslaught of Android-related news today just won’t hold back! According to Bloomberg Businessweek it appears as though the Google Play Store has hit the milestone of 700,000 apps! This brings Google Play up to the mark of the iOS App Store, making Android even more of a competitor than we already knew it was.

Anyway, the announcement of 700,000 apps is not coming through an official announcement from Google, but actually from Bloomberg. This is most probably due to Google’s Android event being cancelled. El Goog was most likely preparing to slip the announcement into the already start-studded new devices today.

Congratulations Google!


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Melburnians find your trams – tramTRACKER finally comes to Android!

Us Melbournians on Android have been unfortunate enough to be without one of the most useful iOS apps out there. This comes in the form of tramTRACKER and I’m sure you can guess what it is used for. The app itself has been very widely used on iOS devices and something that Android sorely lacked – an official tram tracking device. On iOS tramTRACKER has been downloaded 20,000 times a month and enjoys 800,000 tram requests per day.

Yes, we’ve had Tram Hunter that I have personally used almost on a daily basis and works quite well, but an official app is always welcome.

The tramTRACKER application comes with a whole host of welcome features. It allows you to locate ...

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Google Play hits 25 billion downloads, 675,000 apps, celebrates with a sale

We all knew this day was coming, but the questions was when. Well, thanks to Android Australia reader Ray we now know that the Google Play Store has hit an incredible milestone.

I remember reporting at the end of 2011/beginning 2012 that Google Play had hit that elusive 10 billion mark. Now, just a meagre 10 months later I am reporting that there have been another 2.5 times the apps downloaded.

Google has also announced that there are now 675,000 applications on the Google Play Store, making it one of the most developed for operating systems around. But, you wouldn’t think Google would announce something this exciting and not give us users something back. Well, your right! Here’s what El ...

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