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Australians with multiple mobile devices will soon enjoy data sharing plans from Telstra

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Over the weekend Telstra announced that they will soon be introducing data sharing plans for Australians. This will be targeted for those who have more than one mobile device – say a smartphone and a tablet – and want to experience data use on both devices without having to pay for an extra data plan. With the population moving to a multi-device mindset, it is reasonable for carriers to begin offering such plans.

I currently use a Telstra SIM for my phone and an Amaysim SIM for my tablet, but if these upcoming data sharing plans are offered at a reasonable price you may soon see me flying the Telstra flag. Time will tell how viable Telstra makes these plans but for now we can just hope they are on the cheaper side. More information will come out over the “next few months” but until then we’re only able to twiddle our thumbs.

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  • Tyler

    Vodafone have shared data plans too but they suck because they have a low data allowance and you have to use one of they tablets (Well, at lease sign a 24 Month contract for one)

  • cameron charles

    ye like tyler alluded to, aussie carriers (or any really) still havent caught on to the real data allowance that people need, nor the cost they are willing to pay, i wouldn’t expect these data sharing plans to be either data plentiful or cost effective

  • TT

    Can’t understand. Does it mean mobile sharing or hotspot?

    Can’t we use it before?

    • cameron charles

      it means using the same plan in multiple devices, under the current system you sign up for a plan with x data and you get one sim card to put in the device of your choosing, to use that plan and therefore the data on multiple devices you have to swap your one sim card out from one device to the other, meaning you can never use it on more then one device at the same time.

      These new data sharing plans essentially means you’ll get multiple sim cards tied to the same plan meaning you can use the same plan, same data, across multiple devices

      • TT

        But will the multiple sim cards have the same number or not?

        • cameron charles

          interesting question im not in on the details, no one is yet, my guess is no though, your number needs to be registered to one sim so that calls go only to the one end point.

          They make sure to point out they are data sharing plans so other things like calls and messages are still separate, i would say you would need to have 2 sims most likely with separate numbers that in the Telstra backend simply share a data pool but are otherwise separate entities, this allows multiple people within a household to share a data pool or for the singular person to not get calls on multiple devices simultaneously etc (which is bad in the backend as well as front) but still use the data on multiple devices,

          they could do a scheme where you have a primary sim for calls etc and secondary one for data only, this is the best case scenario imo you just get a secondary sim added to your account for data only, the worst case though is you have to pay for a second sim/number that simply shares the data, with all the monthly fees and bs that entails