Android Australia Some Rules

Welcome to Android Australia!

At Android Australia, you’ll find a vibrant and growing community of Android and tech enthusiasts. Our goal is to provide the best and most relevant new for Android users and enthusiasts down under. We encourage you to join in on the conversation by commenting on our articles or even writing your own!


You can register by clicking ‘Register’ at the top of the page and you can then either register directly or register with your Facebook. You may be interested in checking out our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use if you’re the legal type.
The next step is to customize your profile. You can upload a photo and tell everybody a little about yourself. You can also edit your account settings to link your Facebook account. You can always edit your profile by clicking ‘Your Account’ in the upper-lefthand corner of the site.

Now that your account is all set, let’s do some explaining!


There are three ways to interact on Android Australia. We’ll get into the guidelines for what to do and not to do below, but here’s the basics on how:

  • Post a comment: We love comments, and simply by registering you can comment on any story on Android Australia. Comments are threaded, so you can reply to just the person you’re talking to.
  • Write your own article: You should really check out our Contribute page, which allows you to write your own posts to appear on Android Australia.
  • Tip us!: Don’t forget that we have a way for you to send us tips, anonymously if you like.


Although there is no hard and fast rule for when you should write your own posts or when you should comment on other posts, we have some guidelines. Essentially, if there is already an article on a topic you’re interested in talking about, it’s better to comment on that post rather than make a new one. We have a search box at the top of the site and we encourage all users to search before you post. Duplicate posts will not be posted, unless new information is released in the post.


Android Australia offers a limited editor on community blog posts. Don’t worry – we’ll make anything you put up look nice and fancy.

Our moderators and users will be watching out for great content to promote on the site as well as inappropriate content. In other words, all the rules below about spam, abusive behavior, and basic human decency apply double to community blog posts.

The most important thing to keep in mind with community blog posts is to search before you post. Duplicate posts make it harder to read the community posts because they split conversations up into too many places. Always do a search before starting a new post and if something similar to your topic exists, comment there instead of starting a new post. Don’t worry about your comment not getting seen — comments can be recommended and users can reply directly to your comment in a thread.

Got any questions about community blog posts? Feel free to email any questions to and we’ll do what we can to help!


Comments are a lovely way to talk about the stories and reviews you find on Android Australia. They can also be a lot to keep up with, so we have some tools to make it all easier. Every comment has a few links associated with it:

  • Reply: Use this to reply to that specific comment. Your reply will be threaded to that comment.
  • Flag: This is the link you use to report a post to the moderators. Use it on spam, on personal attacks, or on racist or sexist language. Do not use it to report stuff you disagree with or to hassle users. Our moderators work really hard, please help them help you!

Now, this is important: don’t feed the trolls! What we mean by that is this: comments are threaded and if the top comment in a thread is a problem, we may delete it, and that will delete all the replies to it. So if there’s an inappropriate comment and you reply to it with something eloquent and heartfelt, there’s a very good chance that your highly intelligent and meaningful comment will nonetheless be lost. The same applies to all comments on a forum post — if that forum post gets deleted, so will your comments on it.


Here are things that will get your comment or forum post removed and quite possibly your account banned. Note that this is not a comprehensive list. Our moderators reserve the right to remove anything we deem inappropriate.

  • Spam: Zero tolerance, of course! If it comes from a human or a robot, spam will be deleted. Any comments that are a reply to spam will also be deleted, so don’t reply — just flag!
  • Illegal activities: posting links to illegal downloads, ways to steal service, and other nefarious activity will put your account on the fast lane to bantown.
  • Pornographic material: Nope, not allowed. Even images or links that could be considered borderline are not acceptable. A good rule of thumb is that anything beyond PG-13 will get you in trouble, but we reserve the right to remove any post we deem offensive.
  • Personal attacks: Don’t attack or insult another user. It’s not helpful and it doesn’t make Android Australia a friendly place.
  • Racism, sexism, and other discrimination: Harder to define, but we know it when we see it. Attacking entire classes of people is just like attacking a single person: we’ll ban you for it.
  • Foul language: Cussing, swearing, or just plain nasty: all of the above are not cool here.
  • Trolling: “Trolling” is a big, messy term, but we know what trolls are and we won’t tolerate it. If you’re abusing the good conversations here at Android Australia, we will take your comments and posts down. This includes taking a thread off-topic, by the way. The internet calls that “thread crapping,” but we call it “frustrating and unhelpful.”
  • Multiple accounts: We don’t allow multiple accounts per user.


Q: Hang on, you’re censoring me!
A: Sorry, no. There are plenty of places on the internet where you can speak however you’d like, but here at Android Australia we work very hard to keep the conversation informative, and fun. We will remove any comment or post that we feel is harmful to that endeavor — the bottom line is that the editors and moderators have the final say on what’s allowed here.
Q: I have a question or complaint about moderation
A: No worries, we’re happy to have a discussion with you about it — in private. We’ve found from long and hard experience that public complaints about moderation just leads to trolls, no matter how well meaning the original intent. If you have a question about moderation, email us at moderators(at) and we’ll have a talk. If there’s a big policy change or something we would like to say publicly about moderation, we’ll post it in our Meta forums and update this document.
Q: What’s so great about moderators?
A: Everything! Moderators work very very hard with your best interests at heart. Please help them out by flagging inappropriate comments and take heed when they ask you to change your behavior. It’s not easy fighting trolls, so never forget that ultimately they’re on your side.
Q: I’d like to help! How do I become a moderator?
A: That’s great! The best thing you can do is be awesome: help users when they have questions, flag inappropriate comments with good explanations of why, help users relax when threads start to look like flamewars, and generally just show us that you’re a helpful and real human being. When the time comes, we may tap you on the shoulder and ask if you’re interested.