Android Australia Ethics Statement

Android Australia is dedicated to bringing Australian and international readers the best and most informative Android news. In order to obtain and uphold that reputation we strictly abide by a certain code of conduct. This involves our ethics statement to which we strongly adhere.

Ethics Statement:
Being a news source for Android lovers in Australia we understand the responsibility that is placed upon us. We value our readers very highly because without your loyalty we are unable to operate. As a result we will always act with integrity in all our actions.

Featured Bloggers:
All blogs published under the “Featured Blogger” banner or that have a ‘Author Profile’ beneath their posts are the views and opinions of bloggers that are employed by Android Australia. All bloggers that write for Android Australia have a passion for Android and wish to spread the good news to all our readers. We are all very dedicated to providing Android fans with truthful, well researched and thorough information. Everyone at Android Australia is committed upholding a high standard of journalism and we will never sacrifice the quality of our work.

It is important to note that although we do all carry Android devices (and as a result, are incredibly productive!), we must admit that we do not have any superpowers. Unfortunately we are still human and eventually do make mistakes. We are always open to constructive criticism and suggestions! We invite you to contact us if you have found any inconsistencies or mistakes on our site. We also invite all readers to use the comments section to provide any opinion.

Community Bloggers:
At Android Australia, one of our main goals is to build and maintain a strong and vibrant community. As a result we have introduced an option for all of our readers to get involved in the Android fun. Any reader who wants to express his/her opinion or inform the public about an interesting tech related issue has the ability to submit an article of your own to AA. After the content is approved it will be posted on the site. We will not do any editing besides for minor grammatical points (e.g. capitalization).
The views and opinions expressed in community blog posts are not those of Android Australia.

Sponsored Stories:
Because Android Australia is a vibrant community, we occasionally get approached by some fairly ‘big-named’ firms. This includes manufacturers, telcos and the like. When Android Australia is asked to write a sponsored story about a particular product or service, the post will always be clearly marked as a “sponsored story.” It will always be written with the same level of integrity as all of our other blog posts. These posts will represent an unbiased opinion of the product/service. Android Australia will not under any circumstance accept bribes and/or gifts in order to sway our opinion in any direction.

Android Australia does sell advertising space. Our online traffic is very appealing for advertisers and hence we are often approached by groups wishing to expand their market reach. Our first priority is the comfort of our readers and hence we vow not to spam our readers with annoying adverts that will make their experience at Android Australia unpleasant. Furthermore Android Australia will ensure that every advertisement placed on our site has been researched and represents truthful information.

Contacting Us:
If you have any questions/complains regarding the Ethics of Android Australia, please contact us directly at and we’ll be in touch shortly.