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Motorola RAZR


Operating System

Available From Kogan →

Just as they did a decade ago, Motorola is changing everything with the new RAZR. The name doesn’t mislead: this phone is razor thin, measuring in at just 7.1mm. Impressively, it still packs an incredibly high quality set of features under the hood. The screen, processor, camera, weight and (soon to be Android 4.0?) operating system are on par with top-of-the-line smartphones. To top it all off, the RAZR features a kevlar back to minimise scratches and protect the interior of this beautiful phone!

  • Zac

    Having got my hands on the Razr half a year ago now overall i’m quite happy with it. The major disappointment i had with the device was the slow update to ICS but even on 2.3 it handled nicely. The kevlar is really nice to hold and the camera/speaker bump gives it a nice point for gripping. The screen is nice and crisp and despite the thin form factor the battery lasts me all day. Probably my favorite feature of the phone is the “webtop” which i can use without the dock by rooting and using the “nebtop” app. I’ll be keeping my hands on this as a spare when i renew my plan this September.