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Samsung Galaxy S II


Operating System

Upon release, the Samsung Galaxy S II was a revolutionary phone… and it still is! The phone’s thin body and super-light weight were unprecedented. Now, other phones (such as the Motorola RAZR) have have stepped up to the SGS2 in this regard, as well as taking it a step further.

Aesthetics aside, the phone can capture full HD video with its 8 Megapixel camera. With its 1GB of RAM and 1GHz dual-core processor, it blazes through apps and tasks brilliantly.

  • kotsu94

    Great device for gaming, multimedia and social networking device! also takes great photos out side in bright places.

    – battery runs out too quick.
    – camera focusing is not that good.
    – reception is not as good as i thought

  • Matthew Tilla

    Had this phone for over 12 months now, love it, performs great, though the MicroUSB faulted and I had to pay to have it replaced. Aside from that, not as smooth as the Galaxy Nexus with ICS but overall a great phone!

  • Ryan

    Great phone love the deisgn, it lasts me 6 hours of Heavy usage which is preety good,its fast & has a great camera

  • Lachlan Rayner

    By far my most favourite device that I have ever owned. There are two downsides however.

    1. The battery life is shocking.

    2. It can’t change from one access point to another (Depending on which on has the strongest signal).

  • Samuel Legge

    Solid phone. Reliable and highly customisable with a large and active user base (thank you codeworkx).

    My advice, Get CyanogenMod on it ASAP.

  • Kim

    Love it, fantastic battery life, and very durable when I drop it 90 times a day. Also, I got the pink one, so all my friends are jealous and look at their iPhones sadly.

  • Daniel

    Great phone even with the issues I’ve had, actually the support from Samsung to resolve the issue has made me like it/them even more.

    After a few months my phone developed a black line across the LCD about an inch from the top, it would fade away after a few minutes of use but would come back when the screen had only just been turned on after a while (so each morning). After putting up with it for ages due to lack of time and it being such a minor problem that didn’t affect my use of the phone I took it into the Samsung Service Centre just before lunch one day and got an notification it was repaired at around 3pm, they simply replaced the LCD, no hassles, no cost, a warranty repair done quickly and I’m a very happy customer.

  • FuzzyDroid

    A quick, speedy phone, with features that far outweigh those of the iPhone 4S and at less than half the contract price.

  • Jeremy

    Got this phone at Christmas and have never had anything wrong with it so happy with Samsung’s build quality and the white model looks good as. no need to upgrade either as its still a high end phone.

  • Andrew Lyons

    SGSII would have to be THE best device I have ever owned. This beast eliminated my use of a computer, except for production purposes, I now access on my comms and socials on it. Can’t wait for the Galaxy Note 2, my next device.

  • Tim

    Love the phone, the camera is great and I’ve never had a problem with it lagging.

    Only issues are the battery life and the Optus software being buggy

  • Kevin

    Great phone and still has enough power and functionality to keep up with current offerings.

    Pity about the battery life…

  • Greg

    Performs well however I get some minor issues with battery life (less than a day) and also during summer it runs quite hot and crashes from time to time.

  • Narelle Rock

    A great phone, easy to use, can store plenty with it’s memory, I do find the battery life is quite bad, doesn’t last too long, especially when using navigation.
    The phone itself also can get quite hot when in use.

  • http://twitter.com/miracleboi miracleboi

    I love the GSII, its awesome. I did move to a HTC Desire HD for a little while but have gone back to my GSII simply because it does offer ICS or Android 4.0, but its design is more compact!!

    Also I have dropped my GSII heap of times and not real damage done really – a statement to its quality build I would say!!

    Although TouchWiz is heavy, its doesn’t seem to effect ICS and live apps like weather big time, unlike from what Sense did on my DHD!!

    I have to say that even having 16gb on board and additional capacity through Micro SD card is awesome as well.

    Speaker isn’t great but the screen is quite good even in high sunlight so a good tradeoff I would think!!

    In my view, the GSII is just awesome and fantastic to use. Its easy, lightweight and packs a punch!!

  • jarrad lapsuks

    I moved to a GSII from my old HTC WildFire. Boy i noticed the change.
    The phone is quick, reliable and works in all situations.

    Now of course no Phone is perfect and it does have its battery and heating issues. My main quarrel with the phone is that it still hasn’t been upgraded to the Jelly Bean OS.

    Only time will tell.