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Google + Samsung Galaxy Nexus


Operating System

The Galaxy Nexus is an absolutely beautiful phone. It is the phone of now and in our opinion, everyone should get one of these remarkable phones! Every swipe across the screen feels effortless, and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich adds to this feeling. There are less bugs, more apps and a stunning HD screen.

The 4.65 inch curved glass, which comes quite close to the edges, feels like the perfect size. There are no physical buttons, which gives this Nexus a futuristic quality (as it should!). I’m almost surprised this really exists and isn’t some dream set in the future.

  • Cam Charles

    this device is basically android perfection and rightfully so since its a nexus device, the screen is huge but the rest of the phone, the bevelled edges the curve to the back and weight distribution makes it extremely comfortable to hold and use, even the 3 only hardware buttons are placed at just the right distance up the phones sides, the screen looks gorgeous and the software buttons that can be hidden in some apps are ingenious.

    software, apps and gaming wise well its got ics so you know android best offering and great apps galore and whilst it may not packa tegra 3 ive had no issues running top of the line boundry pushing games like shadow gun.

    theres only one issue ive had with my galaxy nexus in the almost 6? months ive had it and that issue is a software (compatibility) problem not device, the multi touch issue, that plaques gnex+ICS 4.03 and earlier, but the 4.04 update fixes this so i just have to wait till optus get an update out …or flash to jelly bean

    which is of course the right now benefit to the gnex first access to JB

  • Tyler Saddington

    I have only had the Galaxy Nexus for a few weeks but all I can say it WOW! The device running Jelly Bean is awesome. I have never had any issues with is and it is just and awesome phone. I recommend it for anyone that wants a quad-core phone but can’t afford it :)

  • Reece

    Awesome phone. Best OS. Immediate updates. Buy it.

  • Jesse

    This is an awesome phone, with great features yet so simple.
    Highly recommended! :)

  • Rhys

    I purchased this phone when it was released last year and have never looked back.
    The sleek, modern, practical design perfectly compliments the most up to date android OS delivered to the nexus device.
    I would highly recommend this device to anyone!!

  • stephen

    i have had this phone for about a month now and really love it, i hav no regrets and would recommend it to others. i also was really happy with the price. :)

  • Tyler Saddington

    It’s just… just… just EPIC!

  • Harrison

    Awesome phone, awesome price, what more can you ask for?

  • http://www.facebook.com/vasiliy.borovyak Vasiliy Borovyak

    They say it is a developers’ phone. Not any more! I bought one for my wife. :)

    She had never been any more happier. :)

  • Josh

    I’ve had mine for a fair while now and i can honestly say that it’s a really good phone. It is not a perfect phone, but it looks very nice, it has good software and it’s the first with all new software.

    The only downsides are the battery life and on mine (its an unlocked for use on any network), I have not gotten my Jelly Bean Update yet (it has a Telstra SIM card in it). I really don’t understand why it hasn’t come up as an over the air update yet.

    If you could help me with this can you send an email to josh_2203@ymail.com ? thank you :-).