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Samsung Galaxy Note7 released in Australia

Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note7 sees its debut in Australia through all major carriers, and retailers, following its two weeks of pre-orders.


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HTC 10 available for pre-order ahead of May 3 release

Time is edging closer towards Australian launch of the HTC 10 and those interested are now able to pre-order in time for its release on May 3.


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Australian pricing for Galaxy S7 and S7 edge through carriers

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge is now available for pre-order in the lead up to its release on 11 March, and now we understand what price you can expect to pay on through the main carriers.


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Review: HTC One M9

HTC has spent the past few years developing and refining its flagship line of One smartphones, starting most significantly with the One (M7) which for its time brought a build and finish which blew the rest out of the water entirely. It was then also when we were first introduced to what has now become the benchmark for sound quality ‒  BoomSound which at the time owed part of its credit to Beats Audio. These were two of biggest selling points for the One (M7) at the time, despite HTC wanting to push their low-res 4MP “Ultrapixel” camera setup, which worked well to some extent ‒  particularly in low-light ‒  but suffered on the whole in terms overall detail.

The ...

Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 edge launch in Australia with pre-orders live for April 10 release

The Galaxy S6 is upon us Aussies! Well, almost. Samsung Australia yesterday held its Galaxy S6 and S6 edge launch event and word on pricing, pre-order details and availability have since surfaced from the source and carriers.


Sony launches Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact in Australia


Last night Sony unveiled their latest in their line of Xperia flagships in the Z3 and Z3 Compact and they had more to show off as well ‒  which we’ll cover in an additional article ‒  but for now we have details regarding pricing and carrier availability.

As covered in our IFA piece on Sony’s handsets ‒  along with specs, the Xperia Z3 will be available in Australia on all four major carriers, whereas the Z3 Compact will at launch be available on Optus and Telstra and both devices will of course be available online through Sony’s store.

When it comes to handset colours, all available colour options are headed to Australia in some way or rather. By that, availability ...

Virgin Mobile offering data for customers who switch to their network, perks for existing users too


Getting in on the action which Optus created only days ago and has since seen Telstra respond with their own deal, Virgin Mobile are taking their deal in a different direction, offering more data — a whole lot more in fact — if you make the switch or upgrade your Virgin Mobile plan.


Sony Xperia Z3 to hit all major carriers, Z3 Compact not as lucky

Sony also had a bit of news — albeit expected — to share at IFA last night with the unveiling of their latest flagship Xperia Z3 and true mini-me Z3 Compact smartphones and we’ve received word that both will be hitting the carriers hard at some point in future.


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LG let us preview their upcoming Optimus L Series II and Optimus F5

This morning, we had the opportunity to sit down with Brad Reed and Josh Corin of LG Electronics Australia to discuss the “refresh” of its popular Optimus L Series handsets, dubbed the L Series II, along with its newly announced, and soon to be launched Optimus F5 4G (of the 4G F Series). If you’d like to play a drinking game with us, the word to look out for is “Optimus”.

Early into our session, Brad and Josh told us that the Optimus G will remain the “hero” device here in Australia for the time being, and that while their handsets are in admittedly limited numbers, that they strive to continue making their handsets the very best. They commented on ...

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HTC One to be available in Australia on April 23rd

Great news for all you readers out there who have been wondering when HTC’s new flagship One will be ending up on the shelves at your local carrier store.

It’s been confirmed by HTC’s Facebook page that the unibody aluminium wonder we had a hands-on with a little while back will in fact be available from  April 23rd, following concerns of delays with components from HTC’s suppliers.

The One will be available for pre-order tomorrow (April 5th), thankfully on all three major carriers (as well as Virgin Mobile), unlike in the U.S. where customers on Verizon, the country’s largest carrier are stuck with HTC’s alternate offering – the Droid DNA.

Carrier exclusivity for devices are always bound to make some ...

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Samsung Galaxy S4 arriving on Telstra, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile

Telstra, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile have announced that they will be carrying the just-launched Samsung Galaxy S4 on their respective networks. All listed carriers will have more details in the coming weeks closer to launch concerning pre-orders and pricing. Interested Telstra customers they can register to receive more details about the Galaxy S4 release date at this link, and interested Vodafone customers can catch up on the report on Vodafone’s blog post here.

We’re yet to receive an official response from Optus, but given that Virgin Mobile has announced it is carrying Samsung’s latest flagship, it’s all but guaranteed that Optus will as well.

Update from Samsung:

“Following the massive success of the Samsung GALAXY S III in


Galaxy Note II, Xperia Arco S, One SV coming to Virgin Mobile for Christmas

Virgin Mobile have just sent out their Christmas shopping list and boy do they have some lovely news for us. They’ll be stocking two brand new devices.

First up, Virgin Mobile will be jumping on-board with the Galaxy Note II. This means that not only will Voda, Optus and Telstra be stocking it – but so will Virgin Mobile. This is incredibly great for Samsung and Android, with all of the major carriers stocking both the SGS3 and the Galaxy Note II. Virgin will be stocking the 4G variant and it will go for as cheap as $69 per month (including handset payments) over a 24 month plan. Check out more information and specifications about the Galaxy Note II on ...

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