Android Australia About Us

Hi! Welcome to Android Australia!

How we were born:

In a heated moment of late night discussion between two Melbourne based Android fan-boys, we discovered the great need for an informative and localised Android blog. After all, who wants to be learning about T-Mobile’s latest phones, or Verizon’s latest drop-outs? Not us – that’s why we’ll be bringing you the latest Android news which is relevant for those of us who live down under.

What we do:

We work harder than we ever thought to make sure you’re provided with first access to all your Android/Google news. We specialize in Australian news and bring you information on everything from breaking news, product announcements to full in-depth reviews! Our dedicated team of bloggers work 24/7 digging up all sorts of juicy information for our readers! If you think we’ve left anything behind then please tip us!

This is your fan page:

AA is all about being one big community. The difference between us and a lot of other blogs is that we give you the opportunity to be heard. This isn’t just through comments and forums, but we offer a unique community blogging system. We want to know your opinions, thoughts and feelings on all things �?Droid. That’s why you can publish your own articles and blog posts as well as chat with other AA fans. Who knows, you might be the next famous blogger.

We hope you enjoy our site. We sure enjoy working on it!

From everyone here at the AA team,
Happy blogging!