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Samsung Galaxy Note7 released in Australia

Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note7 sees its debut in Australia through all major carriers, and retailers, following its two weeks of pre-orders.

Pricing on all major carriers and retailers for the Galaxy Note7 are as follows.

Telstra has the Galaxy Note7 is available the three colour variants Australia will receive, that being black, gold and silver, starting from $95 on their Small plan with $550 worth of calls, unlimited SMS/MMS and 1GB data, but the carrier’s top pick is its $110 Large plan with unlimited talk and text along with 10GB data comprised of the standard 6GB and bonus 4GB data offer for the duration of the plan. It’s worth noting that from now until 27/03/2017 Telstra Air WiFi hotspots offer unlimited data, and beyond that point customers on any of Telstra’s Go Mobile plans will have 10GB data over Telstra Air.

Optus will also stock the above-mentioned three colour options, starting from $71 per month on the $40 My Plan Plus with $31 handset repayments, including unlimited calls, SMS/MMS, 1GB data and unlimited international SMS/MMS to Optus’ 32 selected countries. What’s more is if customers sign before August 22 they have the option to gain access to the 2016/17 season of the Premier League where it’d otherwise be $15 per month. Optus’ top pick puts the Note7 at $96 per month on the $85 My Plan Plus with $11 device repayments each month, with the same unlimited calls and texts, along with 7GB data and 300 minutes to selected international countries. If that’s not enough, $104 on the $100 plan with $4 handset costs each month will offer 15GB data and 400 selected international minutes. Worth noting is that on all $85 My Plan Plus plans and above, the Premier League is included for the entire plan at no extra cost, and to anyone subscribed to the Premier League, streaming is zero-rated on the Optus mobile network.

Just as Telstra and Optus will stock, Vodafone will also have the black, gold and silver models of the Note7, starting from $74 on the telco’s $40 Red plan with $34 device repayments each month, including unlimited calls, SMS/MMS and 500MB of data, not to mention one month of unlimited data and Vodafone’s $5 Roaming in over 50 countries. For better value, the carrier recommends $95 per month on their $80 Red plan with $15 for the device, for unlimited calls and texts, 8GB data that’d otherwise be 6GB if signed after 30/08/2016, along with 1000 minutes to Vodafone’s Super 1000 countries, and 300 international minutes to almost 60 selected countries.

Virgin Mobile will sell the Note7 in the same three colours from as low as $67 per month on their $30 plan with $37 handset repayments, but it doesn’t feature an awful lot, with only $300 worth of calls and texts — unlimited to other Virgin mobile customers — with 300MB of data that can be rolled over to the next month. A total $92 per month on their $80 plan with $12 for the device will provide unlimited calls and texts to any provider, with 8GB data for online customers, or 7GB in store. There’s also unlimited standard international calls to UK, USA, New Zealand, China, India, Canada and Singapore if customers sign before 29/08/2016.

If outright is the route you were headed for, JB Hi-Fi, Bing Lee and Harvey Norman each have the black, gold and silver models going for $1348. Samsung will obviously stock the three hues as well, however for a dollar more at $1349.


The Galaxy Note7 aligns closely with the existing Galaxy S7 range, offering Samsung’s top-tier Exynos 8890 octa-core chipset, 4GB RAM, 12MP rear camera with f/1.7 aperture and front 5MP f/1.7 camera with 22mm wide-angle lens, while retaining an improved 5.7-inch dual edge QHD Super AMOLED panel outputting 518 pixels per inch. Additionally it too features dust and water resistance with an IP68 rating like the S7 models, but it takes things one step further with an IP68 rated S-Pen to fully utilise all Note7 productivity features, no matter the conditions. While the Galaxy S7 range currently in Australia are equipped with 32GB of onboard storage, the Note7 is offered as standard in 64GB, with the option to expand storage by microSD up to 256GB, like the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.


Unlike the Galaxy S7 range however, the Note7 is Samsung’s first flagship with an Iris scanner, and also the first to do away with microUSB in place of  a USB Type-C connector, which is sure to advance the adoption rate of this USB spec. Comparing to the outgoing Note5, which measures 153.2 x 76.1 x 7.6 mm and weighs 171g, the Note7 comes in at 169g, at 153.5 x 73.9 x 7.9 mm, despite housing a 500mAh larger battery at 3500mAh. That’s some serious refinement right there.


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