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Moto G (2015) added to Australian Moto online store

The 3rd gen Moto G (2015) may not be the newest of the Moto G family, but seeing it’s the only other Moto G model still available at retailers, it’s now been given a spot on the Moto online store.

The Moto Online store now stocks three products, that being the latest Moto G4 Plus, Moto 360 2nd gen and now of course, the Moto G (2015). Moto G (2015) attracts a $319 price on Moto’s e-store, the same price as you’d likely find it at Harvey Norman and Officeworks, where it can still be found. Considering how impressed we were by the Moto G late last year, it remains a compelling mid-range handset at that price, with solid performance and battery life, not to mention water resistance.

Moto has confirmed all current and new products it will offer in Australia will also be on the Moto online store. Distribution, call centres and management is all handled in Australia, with a Sydney-based warehouse stocking its products. It’s good in that regard to see Moto’s devices continuing to be made available through channels that can be handled as Moto, or perhaps Lenovo sees fit.


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