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OPPO Australia to launch elegant mid-range OPPO F1 next week, at remarkably low price

OPPO’s latest handset, the OPPO F1, aims to capture the attention of consumers with its premium build and quality specs, but mostly significantly with its unbelievably low price.

The F1 is the first in the Chinese OEM’s F-series range, with a motif of moving away entirely from plastic builds synonymous with many mid-range smartphones at present. Beyond an aluminium-alloy unibody build, the F1 packs some truly impressive specs for what’ll be a low $299 price-tag when it drops locally next week.

A 5-inch 720p IPS LCD display, producing 294 pixels per inch sits beneath 2.5d Gorilla Glass 4 which rolls into the edges of the F1, à la the R7 range by OPPO, and a little like the pricier R7 and R7 Plus it sports 3GB RAM with it. Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 616 octa features in this one, along with Adreno 405 graphics, and a generous 2500mAh battery to keep everything in check, which should go far with a 720p display,  given our positive encounters with OPPO handsets in the past as far as battery conservation. F1 has 16GB internal memory that can be optionally expanded with microSD at the loss of the dual SIM option of its hybrid dual SIM/ SIM + microSD tray.


The F-series promises top-notch camera quality for its price, and with a rear 13MP camera with f/2.2 aperture, phase detection autofocus along with OPPO’s Pure Image 2.0+ suite, the F1’s setup is strikingly similar to its pricier R7 range which already represents pretty good value for money already. Additionally the front 8MP shooter has a larger f/2.0 aperture and larger 1/4-inch sensor than the entire R7 range, meaning it should fare even better in low-light.

OPPO’s ColorOS 2.1 makes its appearance as expected, running on Android 5.1 and aside from the the fact it’s a heavy skin, it does still have some genuinely useful features. Here’s hoping however OPPO sees its Project Spectrum AOSP ROM through for this particular model, because vanilla Android with ColorOS essentials are a great mix.

The OPPO F1 will go on sale next week for $299 from OPPO’s online store, or through Dick Smith retail and online.

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  • WAusJackBauer

    Damn good value!

  • pocketfrog

    This makes 2015’s Nexus phones look like even worse value. Time for some price drops, Google.

  • Vasboz

    Great handset. Using one now as my primary handset. Can’t complain at the price! Very smooth phone, zero lag with its ample 3GB of RAM.

  • Vasboz

    If anyone is curious, the battery life is great, I get about 44% by night and I use it a fair bit. Work as a Sys Admin.

    Also, the phone comes out of the box with a pre-applied screen cover on top of its Gorilla Glass 4 display, and also includes a clear silicon case! Nifty.

    • David Raghavan

      Hey Vasboz,

      It’s nice to see you’re enjoying the F1. OPPO are good to include pre-installed screen protectors and a complimentary case out of the box, and they’ve done the same with other handsets sold locally. Great considering consumers aren’t likely to find them at any ol’ accessories store!