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Nexus 5X and 6P $100 off from Aussie Google Store

The Nexus 5X and 6P are two brilliant devices, we need not remind you, and at $100 off either model in any storage configuration, now might be the best time to snag one.

One user from OzBargain happened to come across the offer, and while it’s unclear what the occasion for the deal is, a good deal is still a good deal, so it’s worth checking it out.

When both models dropped late last year, for many it was the price which was a jab in the gut. Neither handset is particularly affordable, and for the Nexus 5X we reviewed, our main complaint was how pricey it ended up being locally. Now at $100 off, the 16GB model can be had for $479, which is only around $79 shy of the original Nexus 5 16GB model when it was once available from Google, and it’s a whole lot of phone for that bit more. The 32GB is $559, which still ain’t bad.

The Nexus 6P is bound to attract more attention for its higher storage models. While the 32GB is now $799 which is still a bit more than Optus and Virgin Mobile sell the Aluminium outright, but at least you’re able to choose between Graphite black and Frost white options instead. The 64GB and 128GB models for those after more, are currently priced at $899 and $999, which isn’t bad, considering the warranty from Google it comes with.

Who’s gonna’ bite?


Source: Google Store via OzBargain

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  • WAusJackBauer

    Now it’s a reasonable price :)

    • pocketfrog

      And now they’re back to the higher prices. :(

  • pocketfrog

    “…which isn’t bad, considering the warranty from Google it comes with.”
    I don’t get this – is there a special warranty that Google provides which you don’t get with other products?