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August Android distribution data sees Lollipop accounting for 18.1 percent

Written by Adrian Rich.

As the imminent release of Android M and possibly even a slew of new Nexus devices looms, it’s always nice to know Android’s adoption rate. For so long new OS fragmentation was such an issue for Android, and while it ever remains to be solved, it seems Google, OEMs and carriers have been making real strides to draw users towards the newest available versions.

In Fact, as of August 3rd more than 57 percent of all Android users have either purchased or upgraded to devices using KitKat or Lollipop. Specifically, while KitKat only managed some months ago to surpass Jelly Bean for the top seat, it now claims 39.3 percent of the pie.  Lollipop’s adoption rate currently sits at 18.1 percent — comprising 5.0.x and 5.1 — and given we’ve still some months before Lollipop hits its first birthday, a near 20 percent stake is still admirable for the sweetest version of Android to date.

Jelly Bean is still holding on tight to almost a third of all Android activations with a total 33.6 percent, while Ice Cream Sandwich is ever becoming a distant memory for users with as low as 4.1 percent using the original Holo design language.

Amazingly nearly 5 percent of all users are either stuck on Gingerbread or below — that’s 4.6 percent and 0.3 percent respectively — or are perfectly fine with their now vintage Android versions.

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Google makes this data available monthly so as to give developers a better understanding of the devices users currently own.

However, this data is only collected on a seven day period from users that have accessed the latest Google Play store. This means that users with secondary devices, or older devices that have yet to be updated will not be included in the statistics.

You can access more in depth data from Google’s Dashboard.

What is the oldest version of Android you currently own?

Source: Google Dashboard, Via: AndroidandMe

Written by : This post is made by a guest author for Android Australia, who may soon become a part of the team.