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Android ‘M’ officially named Android Marshmallow, will be version 6.0

Google has kept us waiting and guessing for some time now and today not only did they announce the next dessert as Marshmallow, they’re also pushing out the final developer preview build.

Android Marshmallow will officially be available some time in Spring, presumably at the same time the next Nexi are announced. As with the developer preview of Android L from last year, Google kept the tech community in the dark with the Android M preview, but today that changes.

Along with the final build of the Android M preview being made available to those already on the M preview, or to those wishing to flash the factory image to their compatible Nexus device — and we express caution to those not familiar with the process — we now know Android Marshmallow will be version 6.0 when it launches.

Check out Google’s unveiling of the Android Marshmallow statue at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View below:

With Android Marshmallow, we can expect to see the arrival of Android Pay, Google’s answer to Apple and Samsung’s own mobile payment services and what is really a revamp of the Google Wallet service that’s been available in other markets for some time. Hopefully Google manage to make Android Pay available locally soon after the official release, as we only recently heard word that Samsung Electronics Australia is in talks with Aussie financial institutions to bring Samsung Pay here in 2016.

Google Now on Tap is one of the real highlight features and will bring a contextually aware experience and more information to you when you need it for just about anything you’re viewing at that time on your device. Holding down the home button while watching a YouTube video or listening to music for instance will bring up more information of the musician or persons in the YouTube video. You could also be chatting with a friend about where to eat and Google Now on Tap can recommend restaurants without leaving the messaging app itself.

Doze is a new approach to the meddling battery drain of certain apps and services while a handset it sleeping. It’s essentially an additional power saving mode that activates only while the phone is in a dreamy state and will minimise background services dramatically, while allowing notifications and alarms to come through as desired.

With Android Marshmallow, for the first time there’s now fingerprint support as standard and Google are providing the relevant APIs to developers to add fingerprint support in their own apps, where required. This support will also go a long way in allowing Android Pay to authenticate mobile payments by way of a fingerprint scan.

The last of the major features is a new approach to app permissions in Android Marshmallow, allowing users to have greater control over just what apps are able to access certain areas of the phone, such as a permission notification for Facebook if it requested to access your camera when shooting a new profile picture.

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