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Vodafone Samsung Galaxy S III receiving Jelly Bean update on Monday

Vodafone Update testing

Got yourself a Samsung Galaxy S III from Vodafone? Well, you’re most certainly in luck!

From the looks of things (based on Vodafone’s blog) we’ll be seeing a lovely update hit Vodafone branded Samsung Galaxy S III devices this Monday. After the testing has been completed, Samsung are now scheduled to begin rolling out the update on Monday the 26th of November. Can’t believe what you’re reading? Head over to the source below to check out the full story.

We’ll remind you on Monday to grab the update. You should receive a notification, but if that isn’t enough then you can always head to the Settings -> About -> Software Update -> Check Now to try and get it.

Stay tuned.

Source: Vodafone Australia Blog

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  • Jason Andrews

    vodafone before telstra, this sucks

    • cameron charles

      ye its funny how the bigger company with the bigger money/resource pool sucks majorly at this, where as the smaller company struggling to get a decent network going can find the resources to get something the customers want to them

  • cameron charles

    i said last time this was brought up that i had a feeling that when (if) this hit it would hit other carriers within two weeks i think i said, time to put that theory to the test