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[Daily Android Hit] Tuesday, 17th July 2012

Daily Android Hit

From Around the Globe:

The Galaxy S III will soon be coming in more colour options [DroidGuys]
Want the Jelly Bean keyboard on your ICS running Android? Well now you can [LifeHacker]
Intel is giving of 29 grand for Android developers in a game-making contest [PCWorld]
A leading Android hacker has stated that security measures in Jelly Bean will make Android a much safer platform [ArsTechnica]
Does the Nexus 7 set a completely new standard for Android tablets? [WallStreetJournalBlog]

From Android Australia:

Samsung opens first brand store in Canada, bringing a whole lot of Apple with it [AA]
Fujifilm is taking Motorola to court over a few imagery and photography patents [AA]
Telstra has launched the T-Hub 2, bringing Android to your home phone [AA]

Happy reading from the AA Team!

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