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The most convincing Galaxy S III leaks we’ve seen

We are just as sick as anyone of the ridiculous flow of Galaxy S III leaks that have been flooding blogs near and far. For that reason we stopped posting each and every leak as we decided to wait until the May 3rd unveiling to see what is truly coming.

However, we first saw SamMobile pick up on a leaked Galaxy S III image. They have titled their post ‘This is the Galaxy S III,’ which is a bit presumptuous by any measure. However, the image does look like a next generation phone which is backed up by most previous leaks, rumours and speculation. We’ve even seen something looking very similar before, however the last images seemed a bit too-good-to-be-true and had lit up buttons with the screen off.


From this ‘About Phone’ page above it appears that the device will be shipping with Android 4.0.4 straight out of the box. It is also carrying the GT-I9300 label, which we are farily certain is the Galaxy S3 labelling after it was leaked on Samsung Kies.

To back up the recently leaked images, we also squandered upon some leaked images of Galaxy S III screen protectors from a major South Korean screen protector company, Colorant. The screen protectors were tested on the HTC One X and the original Galaxy S II. If you follow this link you can see all the images of the comparisons, but the one which really caught our eye was this:

The screen protector shown here is of an incredibly similar shape to the leaked image above and shows the traditional home button to be of the same size and shape of the leaked Galaxy S III. The camera and speaker holes are also cut-out in direct line with the supposed SGS3 above and the screen protector is just a bit longer than the original Galaxy S II (as shown in testing). The screen protector is also just a smidgen longer than the HTC One X (4.7″ phone), which would suggest the SGS3 will in fact have a 4.8″ screen.

All of this would suggest that the manufacturer has either been given a heads up by Samsung as to what to produce or they are taking a punt on what is to come. We do know that Samsung plans to have this phone on shelves shortly after announcement, which would lead us to believe that they could be giving accessory partners the heads up for quick production.

While we are quite convinced with what has surfaced today we can never be sure until Samsung officially unveils the Galaxy S III to us all on May 3rd in London. One thing is for sure, we will be covering every juicy tidbit of official SGS3 news as it breaks! What do you think the Galaxy S III will look like?

Source: Android Community

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