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[Daily Android Hit] Thursday, 31st May 2012

Daily Android Hit

Three cheers are in order! The Galaxy S III has finally launched in Australia! Check all the info below:

From Around the Globe:

Sony has today announced two waterproof Android phones – read here!
RIM’s value has completely plummeted, but its network and patents still have high value – read here!
Flipboard for Android has now entered its public beta – check it here!
Android developers, they’re right, it’s time to listen to Google and abandon the menu button – read here!

From Android Australia:

It’s here, it’s finally here! The Samsung Galaxy S III has launched and everyone is going bonkers (or at least we are) – read all about it here!
To view Telstra’s details for the SGS3 – read here!
To view Optus’ details for the SGS3- read here!
To view Vodafone’s details for the SGS3- read here!
To view Virgin Mobile’s details for the SGS3 – read here!

Happy reading from the AA Team!

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