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[Update: Leak – Retina display tablet?] Samsung begins countdown for ‘The Next Galaxy’ using an anagram

Samsung have begun what we would simply call an online countdown. The countdown is set to end at 9pm AEST and could be unveiling a whole variety of news. What is most likely however is that Samsung will be slowly leaking out tidbits of information about what exactly will be ”the next Galaxy’ prior to the May 3rd Unboxing event in London.

What is interesting about this countdown is that Samsung have chosen to register a domain named which is also an anagram for ‘The Next Galaxy’ – my spidey senses are tingling and something tells me Samsung will keep us hooked in until they officially announce the new device (Galaxy S III?).


It looks like Samsung may have already leaked some info out unwillingly. Through looking on the source code page (which is now forbidden) you can see that there are some interesting image titles.

It appears as though Samsung may be unveiling a new tablet and/or challenging Apple’s famed ‘resolutionary’ Retina display. Only time (10 hours to be precise) will tell what is really coming but that would be our best guess.

I luckily jumped on just before Sammy blocked us out and managed to grab a quick snapshot. Feast your eyes on what Samsung didn’t want us to see!

Source: tgeltaayehxnx

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