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Sony Tablets to See ICS

Sony tablets are still yet to make a dramatic splash in the Australian market, however for the proud owners of a Sony Tablet S or the dual-screened Tablet P there is some great news from the Sony camp.

An ICS update has been officially announced for the Sony devices and has been promised to be delivered by late April 2012. Other than the great features that exist on Android 4.0, the update will also include several properties that are exclusive to Sony (similar to what Samsung did with the Galaxy Note). These include:

1. Small apps.  Small apps is a widget type feature that Sony users can bring up whilst in another application. This widget allows them to use the functions of other applications without exiting the applications that are currently opened. The apps on the widget are limited to simple applications such as the calculator tool.

2. Recopla. Recopla is an application that comes with the ICS update and is also exclusive to Sony devices. This application is tailored for individuals who own a Sony Blu-ray recorder. Recopla will act as a remote for your Blu-ray player and, best of all, it will allow for streaming of recorded content through WiFi.

Other than an ICS update, Sony has also announced that it will be releasing a Sony Tablet P in a WiFi only version. This is expected to push down the price of the device, making it slightly more affordable. Currently a 4GB 3G+WiFi Sony Tablet P is available from Mobicity for AUD$749. The device features:

  • a Dual-core 1 GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor
  • 5 MP camera
  • has an expandable memory card slot (up to 32GB)
  • and weighs only 372g.

Sony have also released new shells for the device, which will come in 5 different colours. The colours included are black, silver, gold, blue and pink.

Source: Phandroid

Written by : Daniel Kocherginsky (AKA “Kocha”) is a devoted Androidologist. He can be found daily working in the phone department of Dick Smith Electronics, using his knowledge and passion for the Google-based operating system to convert hundreds of newbies. Daniel currently uses a Telstra Galaxy Nexus.