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Rumour Alert: Google to Open Online Retail Store for Nexus Tablets

There have been rumours circulating today that Google may in fact be looking to open a self-run online retail store. These rumours have originated from the Wall Street Journal, who are generally a great source of information for future ventures. This would be the first time since the original Android smartphone, the Nexus One, in which Google will actually sell the device themselves. We all know that this wasn’t the greatest hit for Google. However, things are different this time!

Google now has 4 years of advertising Android under their belts, as well as a fully-refined OS which is becoming widely popular. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is by far the most distinguished Android OS, which is most definitely the most user friendly.

What will be in the store?

El Goog will most likely begin with a singular tablet (possibly the rumoured ASUS Nexus tablet?). This would be in direct competition to Amazon’s Kindle Fire, as well as all other low-priced Android tablets. It will most likely feature a 7″ screen and will possibly hopefully come standard with the quad-core Tegra 3 processor. The first tab is rumoured to be at the $200 mark.

Based on the success of the first round of tablets, Google will most likely add in some larger tablets to battle Apple’s 9.7″ iPad. Google could seek the help of ASUS once more or they could turn to their newly acquired company, Motorola Mobility. Recruiting Moto to develop Nexus tablets of all different forms and sizes could be a great move and would provide Google with a great source of tablets for their rumoured online store.



When could this happen?

As this is just a rumour (yet a solid one) for the time being we cannot give an exact date of when the new online store come to fruition. WSJ has suggested at a mid-2012 launch, which could potentially coincide with the rumoured launch of ‘Android 5.0 Jelly Bean.’ Google could really use this timing to their advantage to push the new OS, the new tab and the new store all in one big thrust.


Would you buy $200 Google branded Nexus tab?

Source: Wall Street Journal
Via: Android Police

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