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Telstra 4GX to rollout to more CBDs, 5G path outlined

telstra updates

Amidst the numerous announcements at MWC, Telstra has today announced its network plans for 2015, moving through to 2020 whereby it hopes to release its 5G network.

If 2020 seems like a its too far away, well the good news is with the continued rollout of its 4GX network, hypothetical peak speeds of up to 450mbps down could be a reality in a number of CBDs as soon as April of this year.

Huawei unveils new TalkBand B2 and TalkBand N1 wearables


Huawei has gone all in with wearables this year at Mobile World Congress 2015, with its first Android Wear smartwatch — Huawei Watch — as well as couple of new TalkBand wearable fitness trackers.

Huawei introduces first Android Wear smartwatch, Huawei Watch


Wearables were also announced at Huawei’s MWC 2015 event and aside from a new TalkBand B2 fitness tracker and TalkBand N1 Bluetooth headphones, the Chinese manufacturer also debuted its first Android Wear smartwatch, Huawei Watch.

Huawei announce 7-inch MediaPad X2 phablet


Huawei announced a few new devices at MWC this year, but its biggest — in terms of size — comes in the form of their new 7-inch MediaPad X2 phablet — that’s right, phablet.

Upping the ante for screen size on a phablet, Huawei’s MediaPad X2 has a 7-inch 1200 x 1920 Full HD IPS display, resulting 323ppi. Its side bezels are kept to an absolute minimum and all round efforts have been made to keep the MediaPad X2 as compact as possible at 7.28mm thin and weighing 239g.

Speaking of the body, the MediaPad X2 comes with an aluminium finish reminiscent of its smaller Ascend Mate7 sibling and as with the Ascend Mate7, the colour options available will …

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HTC unveils One M9 at MWC 2015


Not to be outdone by one of their immediate competitors, HTC have too announced their latest flasgship One M9 in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2015 and from the exterior you’ll be forgiven for thinking it’s all but identical to its predecessor.

To call the One M9’s design a complete makeover would be inaccurate. It’s hardly even a facelift. Instead HTC took what the tech world and general public knew and loved about the One (M8) aluminium unibody design and refined in a number of key ways.

Samsung announces Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge at MWC 2015


With Mobile World Congress having kicked off this morning, Samsung had a lot to be proud of when it announced its next generation Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

From just so much as looking at the S6 compared to the S5 it’s clear that design was Samsung’s primary motivator and the Korean group have certainly achieved this and we suspect the S6 won’t be the butt of every joke out there this time round.

Review: Motorola Moto X (2014)


When the original Moto X launched it was clear Motorola wanted to take the smartphone game in a different direction. The focus was to be not on specs per se, rather on design ergonomics and intuitive controls. It ended up achieving what it set out to do rather well, but with Motorola’s second iteration it appeared the manufacturer caved to a market which didn’t appear to show signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Moto X 2014 ditches Motorola’s X8 mobile computing system in favour of a snappier Snapdragon 801 CPU which its current competitors near all pack. Gone too is the relatively compact form-factor ideal for one-handed use, now stretched to accommodate a 5.2-inch 1080p display.

From the outside then …

Motorola Moto E (2015) announced, headed to Australia in coming months


Motorola’s original low-cost Moto E handset was aimed at those who wanted the most out a smartphone at a low price, or for those after their first smartphone — typically of the much younger persuasion. Today Motorola has announced the second iteration of Moto E and it packs much more bang this time round.

For starters the Moto E sees a screen size bump to 4.5-inches, up from 4.3-inches on last year’s model while retaining its qHD display to amount 245 pixels per inch. With this Moto E, Motorola is adding a more powerful LTE model to the lineup with a quad-core Snapdragon 410. The non-LTE model will run a Snapdragon 200 quad-core instead. Also added to the mix is …

Sony Australia adds Xperia Z3 Soft Purple to local lineup


Sony has a certain affinity for purple. In recent years we’ve seen it feature as an option on a number of its handsets though most prominently on its flagship Z-series, which is why it came as a shock when Sony announced the Xperia Z3 without a purple colour option. Well folks, that changes today.

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Pebble returns to Kickstarter, this time for Pebble Time


Pebble, the once small startup which made its name on crowd-funding site Kickstarter has returned to its old stomping grounds, probably to prove a point that it still matters in the smartwatch game with its new smartwatch, Pebble Time.

We only heard recently from CEO Eric Migicovsky as the company celebrated its 1 millionth Pebble that their next smartwatch would introduce new hardware and a software experience unlike we’ve seen. Pebble Time certainly attempts this.

Vodafone announces shared plans and content partnership with Stan


Vodafone has today announced a couple of new incentives for its existing customers and those looking for a new plan and it comes in the form of a share everything plan and a partnership with video streaming service, Stan.

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Review: Huawei Ascend Mate7


Huawei’s has entered with some bravado into the smartphone market. They have quickly climbed through the ranks of top phone manufacturers with attractive offers in both high end and mid-range markets. Huawei’s current flagship phone, the Ascent Mate 7, is a large 6″ going up against the likes of the Nexus 6 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. So how does it compare to the competition?

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